"Our goal is to immortalize moments of true happiness and emotion".
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Hi I am Yuri Andrell Bostick, an Atlanta based lifestyle photographer, specializing in engagement, wedding, maternity, family, event and portrait photography. Being from Atlanta, I actually didn’t have the opportunity to see an ocean until I was a senior in college, and it really struck a note in me. It cultivated a love of travel that opened the gateway to the entire world.

It is that love of travel that gave birth to my love for photography. Well as of today I have been to dozens of countries all over the world, and the only thing that I enjoy taking pictures of more than a travel experience, is what I call the "human factor". Moments of true happiness or pride, that when captured leave a life long memory for generations to see.

So our goal is to immortalize the moments of true happiness and emotions. Bluntly speaking you're going to have a beautiful day, and we would love to be there to capture it for you.

Yuri Andrell Photography
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